Catch of the day (2014)
A one minute animation created by Thijs Geritz (Animation) and Ji Youn Kang (Sound Design and Music). No stock materials used.
Animation: Thijs Geritz - After the initial designs were made on paper they were recreated as separate elements Adobe Illustrator. Then they were combined (with additional material like the atmospheric layer) in After Effects and animated. 
Sound: Ji Youn Kang - Every sound was made in SuperCollider, sea wave and wind sound as well digitally produced with noise generators and filters. Some sound that has pitches was done with Supercollider Synthdef together with MIDI control. The final editing was done in Logic pro.
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Video still - Preliminary test walk cycle.
Video still - ​Preliminary test layered backdrop.
Video still - ​Preliminary test waves.
Video still - ​Preliminary test waving trees using 'puppet-pin'.
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