"Mind the gap" is a Canvas JS data-viz for UNESCO developed in collaboration with the company of Valerie Alloix (Elimak) and the Institute for Statistics (UNSECO Montreal).

"To mark International Women’s Day, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics released an interactive tool to highlight the progress and pitfalls in girls’ and women’s education. This tool uses a game approach to engage a general audience of a wide age range concerning gender disparities in enrollment and transition rates from primary to secondary and tertiary education. Users put themselves into the game by creating their own characters and then compare their situation with those of other characters around the world. They can also explore the data further by using a ‘time machine’ to change the settings of their characters (…)." 

The project can be seen on the UNESCO website - It is available in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish.
Valerie Alloix: data analysis, concept and programing.
Thijs Geritz: design and animation.
The final product: 'Mind the gap'. A webbased data-viz for UNESCO that works on smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.
The teaser image.
Several screen shots.
The 'family'. Characters presenting all ages and gender.
Level of education and field of study.
Preparatory sketches. 
Work in progress...
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